Ruben Slikk Is Spoiled Forever After Making His Debut With

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Val Steele Makes Sure This Is a First Time That Will Never Be Forgotten

HOLLYWOOD – Ruben Slikk is spoiled. His first scene was for and giving a man that much attention in his debut, it’s hard to imagine how he’ll ever recover. All that lady love and camera time and intense attention, he’s going to think it’s always like that.

In “Ravishing Ruben Slikk’s Slick Asshole,” SHF contract starlet and all-around beautiful sexpot Val Steele brought all of her man-pleasuring experience and passion and it may not have been a fair way to break in Mr. Slikk. Of course, it’s hard to feel too sorry for the guy.

“it was fucking amazing, I wanna do that shit again,” Ruben said just after completing his porn star debut. “The only different thing about it was trying to cum on time.”

He was still pretty new to rimming – a big part of every SeeHimFuck scene – having had it done two days earlier, presumably in preparation for this scene. “It took some practice to make it look less hectic than it was,” he said. “I was biting my fist because her tongue ring was super strong. I felt like she lost her tongue ring in my asshole! I like it, though, I really like the rimming. That’s something I’ll be doing in my personal life.

“And Val, she’s fucking…someone I wanna keep fucking!”

You wouldn’t know it was Ruben’s first scene if he didn’t say as much. He appears confident and ready, and when Val gets in there and starts lapping at his armpit and giving him the sexy eyes. As she takes his cock into her helpful hands, Ruben has no problem keeping it up.

As she takes his feet, he appears perfectly at home, but once she starts gobbling his dick, he is clearly experiencing new levels of ecstasy and it wasn’t lost on Val, who was eyeing him closely, and she seemed to take things to another level. Once he’s on his back, legs up, and she’s tonguing his ass, Ruben encourages her vocally, telling her how much he loves and to keep going, and Val loves his response. And the fucking, well, they both obviously enjoyed that. As will viewers.

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