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- Hime Marie -

“When in doubt, drop your entire life and do pornography. That’s what I did, I am a pretty spontaneous person, but that choice really topped it all. Out of all the agencies, I chose Riley Reynolds company, Hussie Models. He called me back after I left an awkward, “Hi I want to do porn for your agency…” type of voicemail, and after we talked on the phone about goals, he told me to fly out to sign for the agency. Next thing I know, I signed and I was working. It took a lot of trust on my part in the beginning when I signed with Hussie Models. I had to travel to places foreign to me such as California and Las Vegas, not knowing anyone, and alone most of the time. Without trust in my agent, I could not have been able to do that. He has never put me in a bad situation, and I have grown as an independent young woman. I have experienced new places and met new people all over the USA. Since there are so many models in the agency, there is someone else who is important to making all of the magic happen. Her name is Teresa, and she assists Riley with the company and the girls making sure they get to shoots on time, and reminding them of what they need. Teresa has saved me many days reminding me what to wear on which day, I know that is for sure. I don’t have to say names here because you know who you are, but I have made a lot of forever friends within the agency. I talk to my girls almost every day, and we keep in touch whether we are on the East or West Coast. Once I was sick with a fever, and friend within Hussie Models even took me to the doctor and to get medicine. Just a lot of kind, genuine people. Even though morally it was a hard decision I had to make, financially porn has helped me reach a lot of goals that were never possible before. So far I have not regretted my decision to start in the industry, but I keep personal goals to aspire different career goals in the future. Thanks to all who have helped me to reach my goals and to the fans that are encouraging and generous.”
Jade Amber

- Jade Amber -

“When I first got into contact with Riley he got back to me instantly and very straight to the point. He has helped me out with some much (plane tickets, testing, clothes, food) anything I really needed. Of course this is all business so we aren’t looking for hand outs I will always pay back what I owe and he is amazing enough to not take anymore then what is owed. Shooting with him is very professional, makeup and hair is provided wardrobe is mostly and it’s fun. The model houses are amazing they have set rules that aren’t hard to follow and the girls are always nice. Riley has amazing models and does his job better then any agent I’ve met so far. I wouldn’t want to be in any other agency he really looks out for the girls and is on top of everything.”
Carolina Sweets

- Carolina Sweets -

“I was modeling in Austin Texas when I first contacted Riley interested in the porn industry. I started dating a ex pornstar a couple of months back who opened up my eyes to the porn stars side of the story. My original life plan was to go straight into mainstream acting and modeling, but after talking with Riley, I decided to jump on a plane, and try out porn first. Believe it or not, before deciding to be a pornstar I was against the lifestyle. You’ll never understand what you’ve never done. My first two weeks in the porn industry after shooting about 6 scenes, I was in love with making movies! The porn industry is so much more professional then the average viewer realizes! The porn industry isn’t much different than Hollywood, the only difference is we embrace our flaws instead of hide them. I learned so much about myself, and I had so much fun! Meeting so many people like me, business-minded, and adrenaline seekers. As for Riley my agent, so respectful, so awesome. My third weekend porn I broke my wrist.. outside of work of course. Riley was an amazing friend, and agent, and definitely helped me through my 6 weeks of misery in a hard definitely help to me through my 6 weeks of misery and a hard cast. During that time I was able to shoot two scenes, as a disabled soccer player, and hypnotized at the doctor. There is a side of life you will never know without experience in the porn industry. I am so proud of the six months I spent in porn. Now off to the mainstream movies to follow my dreams! Thank you Riley for everything!”
Kirsten Lee

- Kirsten Lee -

“I started with Hussie Models in March 2015. Riley was my third agent after only shooting for 5-6 weeks and I was so relieved when I found him! My first agent did not have any work ethic. Got me a couple shoots and tried to pass me off to another agent I met for a few minutes and seemed just the same. Second agent was a nightmare! Total scum bag and not even a real agent as it turned out. So as my porn dreams were fading from the bad agent experiences, Riley found me and a couple other girls on social media and helped us out of the bad situation. I have had consistent work with Riley as well as respect that I don’t think all agents give their girls. Riley would never pressure anyone to do a shoot they were not comfortable with. We do new types of scenes at our own pace. I let him know when I’m ready to try something new and then I can expand my work to that. I hear about the pressure some other agents put on their girls to do “everything” too quickly or holds them back from something they want to do. Porn is a job but it should be fun and enjoyable not something that causes stress or gets nerve wracking. With Riley as my agent I have had a really great career so far! I can count on him for advice when I need it and he is always honest with me. I’m happy to be a Hussie Model and I would strongly recommend Riley to anyone thinking about getting in the industry! “
Brittany Shae

- Brittany Shae -

“Hussie Models is the epitome of great business. Owner, Riley Reynolds, creates a safe and nurturing environment for both male and female talents in the adult industry. As an agent he covers all the bases, including everything from fair and transparent contracts to providing more than satisfactory living arrangements for his talents. He flies new talents in and helps them with everything they need from nails to testing and even rent. Riley truly does care about those who work along side his agency. He truly wants the best for them. I’ve been with Hussie Models for over a year now, and I’m happy to say that along with being an amazing agent, Riley has become a close friend of mine as well. He has always had my back (even when i mess up). Riley has always been there to support me, whether that was mentally, financially, or just giving me good career advice. He’s the first person I go to when I’m making major business decisions. When I need advice I know I can trust Riley to give me a truly objective opinion along with the facts. My career is my life and I trust Hussie Models to guide me in the right direction. “
Nicole Bexley

- Nicole Bexley -

“I shot porn for a year and Hussie models has been my agent and kept me working my whole career. Riley sent me to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. He got me more than enough high paying work from legit porn companies because he is such a smart and hard working business man. There is nothing in porn that Riley couldn’t get me. My whole porn career Riley has had my back. He never pressured me to do anything and he was understanding when I didn’t want to work with a specific company or talent. He always answers the phone so whenever I needed him he was there for me. Almost every time we talked he would say “Let me know if you need anything.” he really meant it. Any time I needed something no questions asked he was ready to help. I’v met so many people in the industry and can honestly say he is the most cool, normal, and caring person in the industry. Actually he’s the most caring person I have ever met in my life. Everyone says they care about the girls in the industry but not many show it with their actions. Riley is different whenever there is something he can do to help one of the girls he steps up and helps. He’s supported me financially many times and never pressured me about when I’m paying him back. I hate all things business but I love sex and nudity on camera and he makes it possible for me to live off my passion by taking care of the business side of my career. He has also got me out of many bad living situations that I got myself into. He didn’t even get me into these situations but he always got me out of them. After a year in porn I feel like I accomplished everything the porn industry has to offer so I’m not interested in shooting for companies anymore. I told Riley my decision to stop shooting for companies and start full time webcamming and making my own porn site and he supported it 100%. He gave me the resources I need to transition out of the industry. He gave me a room at his model house so I can webcam and take the time I need to relax and get on my feet. That’s where I am right now and I couldn’t feel better about my life and future. I’m so thankful for this man I actually tear up thinking about what he’s done for my life. Even when I’m not taking scenes I will always be team Hussie because Riley has always been on my team even when it doesn’t involve porn. I met Riley as my porn agent but now he’s more like my business partner. More importantly he has become my family which is worth more than any porn career. The best decision I ever made in my life was joining Hussie Models because Riley has helped me have the life I always wanted!”
Lucy Doll

- Lucy Doll -

“Riley has played an important role in my growth as a male performer in the adult industry, prior to signing with his agency I specifically only worked for one interracial company. I’m grateful to have met Riley and wish to spend a moment to commend him at having done an excellent job representing me. Since partnering with Hussie Models, Riley consistently gets me booked with interracial companies in LA. I’ve also been fortunate to get contracted as male talent for the interracial content he shoots for his website, I can honestly say the work has been around-the-clock since I committed to the agency. As my representing agent, Riley demonstrates exceptional skills in booking all his models. I find him extremely professional, reliable, ambitious, patient, and exceptionally honest. His ability to understand everyone’s need made the whole experience of being apart of the Hussie Model family a pleasurable one. In my personal opinion, an agent in the adult industry like Riley is rare to find. I’ve been apart of the agency since Oct 2015, not only is Riley my agent, but he’s grown to be a valuable friend. I highly recommend Riley as an agent, signing with Hussie Models was the best decision I ever made.”
Jax Slayher

- Jax Slayher -

“My life began at 18. Before coming to Hussie Models I was waitressing for minimum wage at a breakfast diner with my sister. Then one day she tells me she’s moving to start modeling. I was skeptical when she asked me to come back with her, until I saw how happy she was. She made me want to see what all the fuss was about. Now that I’m here, I get it. I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. I’ve met a lot of amazing people and learned a lot about myself… I can’t wait to see where this leads me.”
Kylie Quinn

- Kylie Quinn -

“I was reborn at the age of 18, wondering what was I going to do with my life. But I didn’t want just a normal life like everyone in my hometown, it had seemed as if everyone was stuck. Stuck doing the same old routine in the same old place. I needed something new, something adventurous, something WILD! I was found by a recruiter who had shown Riley a few pictures of me. After a couple of days Riley had contacted me, we chatted about the type of work he was in and it was nothing I had ever thought of doing. But hey, you only live once right? I had so much personal things going downhill for me I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me to leave. So Riley booked my flight to arrive the very next night. Riley took care of me better than anyone had ever taken care of me before. He knew I was a virgin to the industry but he made sure nobody ever tried to take advantage of me, and I think that’s what a lot of girls are scared of. But Riles would never allow that. He was honest, real, and about his business. I liked that! He opened many doors for me, gave me work, new friends, and a home. Hussie is a great opportunity for any person looking to be in the adult industry, and hearing about the other agents a lot of the models went through. Well let’s just say I’m glad to be working with the best! Go Hussie! (:”
Zaya Cassidy

- Zaya Cassidy -

“I have only been with hussiemodels for 3 months, but From the moment I was flown out for my first trial run, riley has never let me down. Prior to my first trip out there I was very skeptical about the decision I was about to make for myself, but Riley gave me all the information I needed on top of allowing me to speak to a few of the girls in the agency whom are now close friends of mine. He’s always honest and will see that everything you do will turn out in success. He’s reliable, trustworthy, compassionate and an overall cool guy. There is a very special bond between the variety of girls in this agency and We’re all like family which is one of my personal favorite perks of being a hussie. I love riley, I love being apart of his agency, I love the company’s I’ve worked with and most importantly I love the family. Nothing is more comforting than the support and trust that is within this agency between all of us and for that I am greatful everyday that I have riley and the girls by my side every step of the way. Despite the fact that I’ve only been with hussie for a limited amount of time, it feels like years already because of how much fun we have all had together. The memories that are shared and the adventure that’s been built. If someone ever asked me about a reference so they could do porn, I wouldn’t think twice about choosing riley for them. He’s the best at what he does and LITERALLY never stops working. He will work until he’s blue in the face if it means you strive and succeed. Like I said in the beginning though, from the moment I was flown outn for my first trial run, riley has never let me down… and I can assure you the very same treatment if you decided to join hussie as well. “
Kimmy Granger

- Kimmy Granger -

“A few months ago before Id gotten in touch with Riley I was under representation of a company up north. My “agent” planned a trip to LA for four other girls and myself. At first the trip seemed promising, we were shown pictures of a model house we would be renting and it was gorgeous!! Even though all of us were running low on money because the shoots we were promised were never booked we were hopeful we could go to LA and make good money. With the trip only a few weeks away all of the sudden things began to change. My “agent” was no longer traveling with us and was leaving me in charge. I was used to this, he was always pushing his responsibilities off on me, but it made me feel trustworthy so usually I didn’t mind. But in this scenario I was nervous. I’ve never been to LA and being in charge of a group of girls in a foreign environment was not something I wanted to be in charge of on my first LA trip. I accepted this and eventually tried to force myself to feel comfortable. With the trip only two weeks away I began pressing for details; what would I be shooting? How much did I stand to make? Do we have a driver? Was the house rented? To my dismay the answers were not what I expected. I was told he had no legitimate bookings and was still waiting, as for the house, now we would be getting a hotel and I would have to rent a car. I began to panic because girls started dropping from the trip and there were so many changes last minute, I had a feeling this was about to turn into my worst nightmare. It came the day to leave and suddenly there were only 3 of us going, and I was the only one who had money. My “agent” asked me to front money and assured me that I would be paid back once the girls did a shoot. So, I fronted plane tickets, the hotel room, and was expected to pay for the rental car/uber transportation for the girls and myself to get to the rental car place. Already 2 grand short I was beginning to stress. We arrive at the hotel that our “agent” booked (with my credit card of course) and to nobodies surprise it was dirty, in a bad neighborhood, and infested with roaches. We were horrified. He urged us to stay there and said we could get a new hotel in the morning after we got a car. It was all down hill from there. He finally informed me that nobody but myself had bookings. I was furious, and it was my responsibility to pass this information on to the girls. I had laid out so much money thinking we were all going to do good in LA and it couldn’t have been further from the truth. He began arguing with the other girls after they became upset about bookings, and even started threatening to fly out and punch one girl, and sell the other one out to her family. I began to see him for his true self and was in an absolute panic, this man not only cost me my hard earned money, but then began going literally insane before my eyes. I received hundreds of text messages and calls from him professing his love for me, and even going so far as to say he would take his own life if I didn’t stay loyal to his “agency”. My suspicions about this being a nightmare were correct! Now I was completely screwed and stranded in LA footing the bill for everything. Desperate for help I had no idea where to turn so I began exploring my options. I reached out to several agencies, all of them turned me off in one way or another, then I talked to Riley. Right from the start he put me at ease, he was nothing but professional and honest, something my old “agent” never was. After speaking to him a few times I decided I wanted to give him a shot. At this point I had blocked my old “agent’s” number so he started having other people call me. I tried to ignore all of his attempts but it was hard, especially since my voice mailbox was full at the end of every day with threats from his “lawyer” and his friends. Calls aside, I flew to meet with Riley. I was already pretty confident about him after talking to him but once I met him I was sold. His model house was clean, the girls were beautiful, smart, nice, and on top of everything he was RESPECTFUL. something I wasn’t used to. I was so impressed!! This is a man who truly cares about his girls and his reputation, which he more than lives up to. He goes above and beyond to make sure every girl is comfortable, and happy. Not only does he provide a beautiful home to stay in, he also makes sure you have transportation, that you are well rested, and prepared for your shoot. Riley has lived up to everything I expected a real agent to be, and in my time being with him I’ve only been happy. He has helped me get good, respectful work where my last “agent” would throw me into any shoot just so he could make money. With Riley I never have to worry about being pushed into stuff I don’t want to do, he knows what I’m willing to do and sticks to what I’m comfortable with. He sees me as more than just a dollar sign but as a human, I was not used to that. While my old “agent” still tries to threaten me, and has even sent me love letters and teddy bears, I know that I’m safe with Riley. I’m so grateful to be a part of this team, with these gorgeous girls and my very dedicated agent. I am excited to see what the future holds with Hussie Models, thank you Riley!!”
Gia Paige

- Gia Paige -

“I have been with Riley for almost 7 months. The first time I talked to him I could tell he had his company organized to the point where I could trust him. So I went to his house and every one was very nice . At first I didn’t know if I wanted to do porn but I talked to the girls and they explained it to me. When I did my first shoot I was nervous but not as bad as before I talked to the girls about it. Every since then I have loved working with Riley and the girls. I love the girls that stay in the model house, they are nice and really beautiful girls. His house stays clean an organized and there is not a lot of drama, thankfully!”
Maddy Rose

- Maddy Rose -

“Looking at the big picture I absolutely LOVE being here.Riley interviewed me over the phone a few months back. What I first picked up was his honesty. He thoroughly explained the who, what, when, where, and why’s. I appreciated that he didn’t leave out any missing pieces because nobody enjoys unexpected situations. When I arrived I liked the girls in the house too, they will forever be my family. Riley did a great job on choosing girls with nice personalities and looks. As soon as I was getting booked for scenes, I realized how professional this type of business can be. Riley had placed me with clean, well-rounded companies! He knew how to place the time and date perfectly, he also knew what I would and wouldn’t enjoy doing. He knew how much money I needed to bring in and the deadline. So far he’s nailed it every time I visit to shoot. At first I was iffy about doing porn. I was uncomfortable. Now, I love it! I’ve had a great experience so far. I think a lot has to do with the way Riley ran things. I’ve honestly had the best time of my life so far. A big thank you to Riley for his hard and dedicated work! :)”
Rachel James

- Rachel James -

“I have been with Hussie Models for over a year now and my experience here has been great so far. Riley does everything he can to get you where you need to be. The atmosphere is really laid back and the girls are really unique in their own ways. We all take care of each other like a family. I have never thought about leaving this agency even once. Forever and always a Hussie!”
Jade Jantzen

Jade Jantzen

“If I were to tell anyone about finding a honest, hardworking and intelligent agent in the adult industry, I would not hesitate to recommend Riley. When I decided to begin my career in the industry I was clueless. It was important for me that I had both a reliable agent who looks out for my best interest, but also agent who is tenacious and professional in every aspect. I was not disappointed. Riley is absolutely the best agent out there. I’ve had a lot of great experiences, both in travel and work, but I’ve rarely had the opportunity to combine the two as a job. I’m so thankful to have found Riley, with his help, I have been able to make some dreams reality. Hussie Models is a trustworthy and safe company. I highly recommend the company and it’s founder, as I consider Riley a person who provides consistency and delivers all expectations. “
Sofia Rivera

- Sofia Rivera -

“When I first started my career in the industry, I had no clue where to begin. I only knew I had a passion I wanted to share and Riley gave me that opportunity. My thought process wasn’t the ins and outs of the business, I just knew I needed an agent, so I started applying to as many major adult agencies as I could. Hussie Models was one of the first I came across and less than 2 minutes after I applied Riley gave me a call asking to be my agent. Anyone would be even a little nervous about boarding a plane and flying to a new state to excel their career with random people, but it was a leap of faith. Riley wasn’t pushy about anything and talked me through the entire process of traveling and being prepared for porn. He also gave me the opportunity to speak with other girls at the model house before flying out so I would be more comfortable and not feel so alone upon arrival. Every initial shoot I went to Riley was right by my side to introduce me to producers, actors, crew-members, etc. and make me feel as comfortable as possible. Having a career in porn was made black and white by him rather than total grey areas of confusion and for that I will always be grateful. He gave me an opportunity I never would’ve expected and we ran with it. Riley is someone I can sit down with and discuss just how far I want to take my career and he understands. I’ve never seen someone so young with such drive to make a name for himself, which motivates me everyday to push my career to the next level. Riley never takes a break, literally, and he always scopes out only the hottest new talents. In my eyes, I’ll always have something kind to say about him.”
Alli Rae

- Alli Rae -

“I came into this industry very naive and I have found that it is rare for someone to share as much knowledge and advice that Riley has shared with me. Most agencies say knowledge costs money. But Riley was more than generous with the information that it would take to become something great. So back in January 2014 I was browsing on the internet, looking for a job when I came across a very unusual post that I had never seen before. It was about a paid trip to work. At first I was very skeptical of the idea of doing adult films. But after a few weeks of emailing Riley I came to the decision that I would try it and see how I liked it. I didn’t do as much research as I should have, but I asked a lot of questions before revealing too much information about myself. After I talked to Riley on the phone, I really took a leap of faith that this is the right agency for me. All the other agencies took a while to respond and only Riley was very persistent. They wouldn’t answer my questions fully and they were very sketchy about the whole thing. Riley answered all my questions with more than enough information to make me feel more than comfortable that he was going to be I’m control of my career. Since I have arrived I have been more than pleased with my decision, not only in my career path but, in my choice of which agency I have to represent me. Hussie Models is the most loyal and honest agency that I have dealt with, and I have dealt with two others that he attempted to work with. Hussie Models is very detail oriented and make sure that every model is prepared for and treated with the upmost respect for every production company that their models work with. All in all I have nothing but good things to say about this agency and the owner Riley!! Apply today and I promise you won’t regret it!!”
Brooklyn Daniels

- Brooklyn Daniels -

“I’ve been with Hussie Models for about 5 months . I love it here. Everyone is laid back and very welcoming. Riley does all he can to help the girls and make sure they have what they need. Always keeps his word. And makes sure everyone is happy and safe”
Alaina Kristar

- Alaina Kristar -

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