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Brickzilla Makes A Triumphant Return To

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HOLLYWOOD – Not many guys have shot more than a single scene for, but Brickzilla is not your typical guy.


Brickzilla and his outrageously large 13-inch cock debuted for the site in March with “Brickzilla & His 13” Monster Cock Get Rimmed,” a SHF classic that showed off the best of Brickzilla and scenemate Natalie Porkman. SHF members couldn’t get over Brickzilla, so they brought him back and this time paired him with the delicious and busty Blake Blossom.


No one could blame Blake for being intimidated, but if that’s the case she hides it well. This was actually her third time working with him, but with his endowment it always feels like the first time! Instead, she shows nothing but enthusiasm.


There’s not much of a Brickzilla tease here, probably because smiley Miss Blossom is so eager to give ‘Zilla a try. He sits back on the couch and Blake takes off his shoes, gives them some good sniffing before moving on. When Brickzilla stands up to pull his pants off, we see that is cock is way too big to fit into his boxers. And everyone thinks having a huge cock is all fun and games!


Blake stands back to admire it for a couple minutes and then moves in. She still appears happy and anticipatory, so who are we to suggest otherwise. Her tongue does a loop from his armpits to his cock to his mouth and one can see the excitement in her eyes. She covers him with oil, rubs it in and then gets to work on his feet, cooing as she licks and rubs and sucks on them. Brickzilla lying on his back, she moves in to lick his ass and jerk his cock.


Brickzilla is awed by the rimming – he’s so much more comfortable with it than he was for his first SHF scene! – and put himself in positions to give the blondie better access. After extensive butt-licking, he goes down on her and then lets her get on top and try to ride that python. It takes some work, but they finally get it all the way in when he gets on top.


Blake can be heard giggling and encouraging him to “put it all in.” She laughs and squeals uncontrollably and then Brickzilla gets going, dance-fucking her hands-free as she experiences penetration like she’s never felt before.


Fortunately for all involved, Brickzilla knows how to work his enormous member and Blake clearly enjoys this experience throughout. He hit places that had never been hit before and may never be hit again. Even in the adult industry this man is wielding something very rarely seen and both enjoyed giving the world the opportunity to see this rare spectacle.


In the interview after his first SHF scene Brickzilla revealed that he didn’t know until fairly recently that his cock was twice as big as the average. The interview in this scene gave producers the opportunity to follow up on this amazing fun fact.


“I don’t look at dicks, so how would I know I had a real big dick? I didn’t really watch porn with dicks in it,” he says. “I would just watch porn with asses, walkin’ and clappin’, and I would jerk off to it. I just thought a dick is a dick is a dick. Some run away from it, some love it.”


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