Below is a list of frequently asked questions that will help you understand who we are, what we do, how you can fit into the team, etc. If you read this document carefully you should have ALL of your questions and concerns answered.

Hussie Models Brief Company Summary

We are an elite national adult talent agency and model management company. We are NOT an escort agency, nor do we engage in providing escort services. We are headquartered in Los Angeles. We are licensed and bonded in the state of California (License No: TA-156713-1). With few exceptions, most of the work we will secure for you will be located in Los Angeles, or Las Vegas. You are an independent contractor. In keeping with that, you are able to accept or decline any job you want. You are also able to work WHENEVER you want and NOT WORK whenever you want. You are in control of your schedule. In addition, you always know exactly what type of scene you are hired for when you accept the job. If you don’t want to work for a certain period of time you simply tell us and we don’t book you for those particular days.

Please read the following FAQ questions below to get all of your commonly asked questions answered. Also, please feel free to check out our Twitter account ( as you can get a great idea of a lot of the multi-million dollar, award-winning companies that we work with.

You can also take some time to review the testimonials that we have received from our talent.

Can I choose whatever I do in the films?
Yes… You are 100% completely in control of whatever you do or do not do on film. (Your do’s and your dont’s) The day you join our team we will give you an application to fill out, which will essentially be a list of what you are comfortable shooting, and all of what you are NOT comfortable with shooting. We ONLY get you jobs shooting scenes that you are comfortable with.
How long do I have to work for when I come to Los Angeles?
You are free to work as long or as short as you want. You are a TRUE independent contractor. We suggest though, that you plan to come down for two-three weeks on your first trip, but one week is fine too. The reason is that most producers are booked in advance for at least a handful of days. If you stay for a good three week period this gives us plenty of time to get on top of all the producers and get you booked into their schedules and all the companies at least once.

Any trips after the first you can come for shorter timeframes if you wish. At that point, you will already have a track record of work that we can point to, which will allow us to pre-book you before you fly in.

It is very important that you understand you are in charge of when you do work and/or when you do not work.

How do I get to Los Angeles to start? Do I have to pay for the flight?
We will put up the money to buy the ticket to fly you in, but you are obligated to pay us back from the first shoot you do no exceptions. This will not be difficult as most of your shoots will be in the $800-$1000 range and most of the plane tickets are actually pretty affordable believe it or not. We always buy flights 24 hrs in advance because of the large percentage of no shows and no refunds. If you can not make your flight, if you change your mind, if you want to wait, etc. No problem just give us the heads up so that we may cancel your flight for a full refund and no hard feelings whatsoever 🙂
If I don't want to live in the model house, can I stay elsewhere if I choose?
Yes, absolutely. You are 100% free to stay wherever you want. You do NOT need to stay in the model house.
Is everyone tested for STD's? What types of safety measures are in place to protect the actors and actresses?
You are operating at the highest levels of the industry when you join our team. At our level everyone MUST be tested every 14 days but no more than 30 days. The test is conducted by one of two companies. You’ll either test with Talent Testing Services or Cutting Edge Testing or a third party facility that uses either TTS or CET. Both companies will do state of the art full panel blood and urine testing. These are the most accurate, fastest detecting tests available at the time with a 24 hour or less turnaround time.

Also.. You have the 100% right to ask to view your fellow talent’s test on set, before you work with them. But the company will print out all the talent’s tests from PASS system.

How much are the agency fee’s? What do I have to pay your company? and when do I have to pay them?
You are never obligated to pay more than the established agency fees that. There are no ‘hidden costs’ or ‘hidden charges’. You must pay your agency fees after each shoot. Usually you are issued a check, in your name, at the end of the shoot, and it is your responsibility to cash it and pay your agent (Hussie Models).
Am I allowed to bring friends with me?
Yes you are. Although, if you are planning on staying at the model house, and your friends are not planning on becoming Hussie Models, they will not be able to stay at the model house or come on set with you.

Keep in mind to that we offer a referral program if you bring your friends in. You can get paid up to $1000 ($100 each time they shoot) or you can opt to take 5% of the agency fees we collect. Essentially, you would take 5% of what they earn. If they did a shoot for $1000, then you would get paid $50. The choice is yours for the payment option.

How do I get started with you? What do I need to do?
In order to get started, you simply need to read through all of these FAQ’s so you can firmly understand the process. If you still have questions after reading through this publication, you can direct those inquiries to any of the following
Jason 305-367-1286
Riley 813-440-1682
All three are good working emails.

In addition to reading this document, we require that you submit a set of ‘proofs’, which are essentially nude photos done in a particular fashion. These do NOT need to be professional photographs and we actually prefer the selfies. The only three variables that you MUST include in the photos are:

1) A handwritten date, time stamps are unacceptable (Piece of paper with the date written on it, writing the date out on the mirror, writing the date on your body (hand)

2) You need all 4 angles that you see in the example (full frontal nude, rear-side, left, right)

3) You need to have your hair and makeup done like you normally do it when you go to the mall or out to the club. You do not need to do it like you’re going to a wedding or a prom, you just need to look presentable. Remember, you are applying to be a model! If you have seen our website, you know that we have very high standards.

Below is an example of the photos that we need from you. Please send four individual photos, do NOT send them as a collage. We only made the example a collage to make it easier and more efficient to present to you. Thank you.


What is the content used for after it is shot? Where do these films 'end up'?
The content is exclusively going to be used for all the major paid subscription sites. These production companies essentially charge a monthly or quarterly fee to their customers in order for the right and privilege to view their content through a safe and protected website. You would be shooting for multi-million dollar, award-winning companies such as New Sensations, Brazzers, Hustler, Digital Playground, Wicked Productions, Team Skeet, Score Group, Twistys, Nubiles, Naughty America, Devils, Arch Angel, Tushy, Blacked, HardX, DarkX, Sweet Sinner, Kink, Amatuer Allure, Mofos, Penthouse, Evil Angel, Reality Kings, Bang Bros, PornPros, ATK, Babes, and many many more!
I want to build a career! Can you help me do this? I don’t want to work for one or two months and then be ‘done’. Can you help me work for a long time?
Yes! We absolutely can. It is our goal and preference that you work for many years in the industry! In fact, we have multiple talents (male and female) who have done just that with us.

In addition to creating long running careers for our girls, we also have a great track record of placing them on the covers of national media companies magazines such as Hustler and Barely Legal to name a few. In addition we have many models that have made the front cover of DVD’s such as Evil Angel, Amatuer Allure, Bang Bros, Teamskeet, New Sensations, Babes, Twistys, Penthouse, Reality Kings, Mofos, Nubiles, Porn Pros, and many many more.


I would like to see some of the girls talking about their experiences working with you and in the industry. Do you have those materials?
Yes. We have many non-scripted, candid video testimonials available on YouTube for you to review. We also have plenty girls whom have provided us with written testimonials which we have posted on our official website.

You can review our testimonials here, they are updated regularly.
Written Testimonials
Video Testimonials

If you still have questions about joining Hussie Models or the industry, please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to answer any of your questions.