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Industry Dangers You Can Avoid by Working with a Reputable Porn Agency

In the porn industry, there are many amateurs who employ shady practices. Make sure you choose a reputable agency that will protect you from the following dangers:

Because STIs are on the rise in the industry, any respectable agency will require performers to be tested on a regular basis.

Boundaries Being Ignored
Your boundaries should be respected—on film and off. You should never be forced to do things on film that you’re not comfortable with.

Don’t live in fear of assault or of being blacklisted for rebuffing unwanted advances. Your agency should be your advocate.


Hussie Models is an elite adult talent agency. Contact us if you’re interested in working with a licensed, bonded agency.

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Hussie Models Providing Trustworthy and Authentic Adult Industry Service

Situated in Los Angeles, California, Hussie Models is a Porn Star Agency grounded in teaching models interested in the field a thing or two about the adult industry. When done right, the porn industry can be quite a bit lucrative and a vital career step. Working at the pace of the models and with their taste in bookings, Hussie Models guarantees nothing short of excellent service.

As individual contractors, models have the autonomy to screen any jobs that are offered to them—therefore, they may decline any job they choose. Additionally, models have the flexibility of working wherever (in the realm of Los Angeles, and Las Vegas) and whenever works for them.  An application process will help models vocalize what they are comfortable with and that will be passed along to the appropriate channels related to the film.

Hussie Models is effective on both ends; any businesses or individuals attempting to contract models must legitimize themselves with a license. This, in effect, cuts through the scams and cons. In fact, Hussie Models is not new to this industry—perfectionism and professionalism are key to their business model.

In an industry like this, health and safety come to mind; at the high level Hussie Models operates, this is a nonissue. Everyone must be tested every two weeks through one of two partnering companies: Talent Testing Services and Cutting Edge Test. A third party may be used, if proper protocol is followed.

All models are welcome to refer friends to the program and in exchange are paid up to $1,000, or 5% of the agency fee. In short, everything is unambiguous and discernable.

Getting started with Hussie Models is simple—models must submit proofs with handwritten dates in four different angles with decent, but […]

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 Interested in How to Become a Porn Star?
We are an adult model agency, that wants to provide the porn industry with new exciting talent. The adult film industry is not an easy field to get started in, but as an erotic model agency, we are here to develop and nurture your brand and raise you up into the porn star you were meant to be!

If you are serious about becoming a porn star model or a cam girl Hussie Models is the adult model agency for you! Send in your application now and we can get started on building your career.

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